Environmental work

OKG pursues carefully planned environmental work with a clear division of responsibilities and documented procedures for follow-up and improvement. Environmental audits are conducted regularly by an independent company.

An environmental policy and annual environmental programmes determine the direction of the work. In 2002 we were environmentally certified by Det Norske Veritas to ISO 14001, an acknowledgement that we have integrated the environmental perspective in our daily work.

Radiation doses

Radiation protection for our own and contracted personnel is another important part of everyday life at OKG. All activities are planned and conducted so that the radiation doses to the personnel are as low as possible (the ALARA principle: As Low As Reasonably Achievable). Personal dosimeters that record radiation dose (if any) are always worn in areas where there is a risk of radiation.

Extensive monitoring

Approximately 2/3 of the energy produced in a nuclear power plant is released in the form of heated cooling water. In order to find out what impact the release of heated cooling water has on animal and plant life in the sea, extensive monitoring has been carried out since 1962. Under the most common weather conditions, the coolingwater from OKG causes a temperature increase in the sea by one degree or more in an area of about 5 square kilometres. Immediately outside the outlet, the temperature increase may be as high as 11 degrees.

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