Electricity Production Resumed after Successful Completion of Maintenance Measures

Pressrelease Friday, February 28, 2020

Unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3) has resumed the production of fossil free base load power for the Swedish national grid. The production was resumed after a stop of production for approximately two days, for measures to be taken on a leaky valve in the reheater system.

The leaky valve was detected during a turbine inspection being conducted last week, and a decision was made on Monday 24 February that the unit should be temporarily shut down in order to take the measures required. The operational interruption was successfully completed according to schedule and the unit was again synchronized to the grid on 27 February. The unit is expected to reach maximum power on Friday night.

Information about any changes is available on the web page of the Nordic power market, nordpoolgroup.com. Information about the current production is also available on About our production.

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