OKG Receives High Marks by SSM

Published 2019-06-26 07:56

19 June, 2019 The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has in an overall assessment stated that OKG has handled the ongoing reorganisation in a good way and that good progress can be seen within several areas, such as within maintenance and emergency preparedness.

– This is a statement that means a great deal to us as an organisation, and a proof of all the great work performed and the commitment that everyone who works at OKG demonstrates on a daily basis, says Johan Dasht, Managing Director of OKG, following the presentation given by the authority to the corporate management.

Special conditions were imposed on the operations of OKG from 2012 until 2016, and the situation has after many years of measures and improvements gone from "approved" to "satisfactory". The current positive assessment concerns the overall ability and performance of the plant and the way the activities are run.

– This is the best appraisal ever given to OKG by the authorities and it is also a proof of their confidence in our ability to handle the operation of unit O3 and the decommissioning of units O1 and O2 at the same time, and still prioritize the safety. There are always room for improvement and the overall assessment performed gives us even more energy to continue the ongoing improvement activities.

SSM confirms among other things in their report that the company handles organisational and business issues in a good way, and they have come to the conclusion that the reorganisation has not had any negative impact on the safety culture or the radiation safety, despite these organisational changes.

– Other evaluations of OKG conducted by WANO, World Association of Nuclear Operators, and by our owners, as well as our internal key performance indicators, point in a positive direction. Continuous development of individuals as well as the company is more of a marathon than a sprint, and receiving proof of our efforts will give us the energy required during our journey, says Johan Dasht.

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