Organisational Restructuring Completed – OKG Hiring Again

Pressrelease Friday, October 18, 2019

After four years of intensive work, necessary changes to the activities and the organisation have been completed and OKG will during the coming winter require additional personnel, about twenty new employees. The company is thus striving towards securing the society's need for fossil free electricity deliveries, while the organisation at the same time safely and efficiently concludes the life cycle of the production units that have been permanently shut down.

OKG will run an extensive recruitment campaign in October and November this year, and about twenty vacancies will be filled.

– We are primarily in need of Nuclear Safety Engineers within different organisational areas, says HR Manager Lotta Sätterlund. But we also need to hire for instance Mechanical Designers, Purchasers, Organisational Coordinators and Safety Engineers.

The demand for additional personnel has arisen after several years of working on restructuring the organisation, based on the shutting down of two out of three production units, and since the production subsequently had to be focused on ensuring long-term fossil free electricity deliveries from unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3).

– Our aim is thus not only to secure the competencies that we require, Lotta Sätterlund continues, but we also have high expectations on being able to increase the diversity within our organisation by finding new personnel who have different experiences and valuable differences. This means that we welcome applicants who are experienced in the field as well as applicants who have just recently passed their examination, and generalists as well as specialists.

The activities at OKG are at present fully adapted to the current circumstances, following a challenging journey where the number of employees was reduced to approximately 600, while the number of temporary employees and services has been minimized to only the necessary amount.

– We are currently preparing and adapting our organisation to be able to meet our own demands and expectations as well as those of the surrounding world, in relation to running a responsible and safe as well as competitive business, Lotta Sätterlund concludes. We thus hope that we will soon be able to welcome twenty new employees, who will contribute to our work towards achieving our goals.

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