Time for the Annual Outage at unit Oskarshamn 3

Pressrelease Monday, September 02, 2019

After an operating season with record high deliveries, it is now time for the annual outage to take place at unit Oskarshamn 3 (O3). This involves 24 intense days with focus on safety and stability, in order to ensure stable electricity deliveries until the outage in 2020.

Since last year's outage, unit O3 has continuously delivered electricity to the Swedish grid for a total of 322 days, a new record in the history of the unit. In the afternoon on Friday 30 August, unit O3 will be disconnected from the grid for the start of this year's outage, for a period of 24 days. The unit is scheduled to be in operation again on 23 September.

In addition to the usual refuelling as well as several maintenance measures and testing, a number of major measures will also take place, such as replacement of rectifiers in one of the DC networks, and inspection of the reactor vessel.

A large number of contractors have arrived at the plant for the outage, and safety is as always our top priority. One of the conditions for ensuring a safe work environment and plant safety, is that you in all situations take the full responsibility for the quality of your own work.

– Unit O3 delivered in 2018 more electricity than ever before. Our ambition is that 2019 will be at least equally successful in terms of production, and by making sure that this year's outage is performed in a safe manner and with a high quality, we also have good prospects for attaining this goal, says Mats Ekblad, Plant Manager at unit O3.

For information about any changes, please refer to the website of the Nordic power market, nordpoolspot.com. Information about our current production is available at our website About our production.

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