Safety first

Naturally, much of OKG's work is focused on safety, with focus first and foremost on nuclear safety. This includes everything from the physical protective barrier and different levels of defence in depth in the plant to the administrative routines for operation and maintenance.

All work is based on a safety policy. This policy guides work development at the plants, which, among other things, aims to constantly assess the plants against modern requirements. The ambition is to always work towards increased safety.

The key word for an organisation that learns from experience is "constant improvements". This means never being fully content, but instead trying to always improve the foundation that forms the basis of the company's safety analyses. This is made possible by, among other things, always using several methods to assess and analyse areas needing improvements.

All work is pursued in such a way that supervising public authorities are provided with complete transparency for their performance inspections.

Swedish reactors are built so that a potential accident will progress slowly. Personnel have half an hour, also called the 30 minute rule, before they have to intervene. Similar situations are practiced regularly in a simulator, very much like the way pilots train.

It is in the simulators that one can train for emergency situations, operational disturbances and normal operational circumstances. The simulators are run by KSU, Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning (Swedish Nuclear Training and Safety Centre).

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