Medical Examination

All individuals who will work in controlled area, which means work in a radiological environment, must have passed a medical examination prior to starting to work.

You may undergo a radiological medical examination carried out by your own corporate medical care or by another care institution. The certificate of approved medical examination/health declaration must be submitted prior to your arrival.

Send the certificates and reports by letter or e-mail to:

572 83 Oskarshamn
Fax: +46 (0)491-78 78 28


Refresher Requirements

The medical examination must be undergone at least every third year, and with a periodic check of your state of health the intermediate two years, when the medical examination is not carried out.

Effective doses

If you have received doses outside the Swedish nuclear facilities, this must be reported.


Fitness for work certificate - work involving ionising radiation

Health declaration - work involving ionising radiation

Doses received outside the Swedish nuclear facilities

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