Security Clearance

For access to operational areas the following certificates are required.

  1. Check of public records/Security Clearance
  2. Commitment of Professional Confidentiality
  3. Extract from the Criminal Records from the Police in the country where the individual is a citizen (applies to foreign citizens), the extract must be no older than 6 months. The extract from the Criminal Records is valid for 12 months from the date it was issued. The certificates must be reneewed after a year.

For foreign citizens who have been registered in Sweden for five years, population registration certificates ("Extract of the population register") from the Swedish Tax Agency must be submitted. The population registration certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The certificates must be reneewed after a year.

Certificates must be submitted to OKG not later than six weeks before arrival. OKG will arrange for the registered check. OKG may, based on what is reported at the check up, refuse work at OKG to the individual in question.

Send the certificates and reports by letter or e-mail to:

Main entrance/Reception
572 83 Oskarshamn

 Main entrance/Reception

Instruction for check of public records

The check of public records is a step in OKG AB's aim in hiring reliable and loyal personnel, and it is also a regulatory requirement. The check of public records allows OKG AB to apply to the authority Svenska Kraftnät that a check of public records is to be performed of you in accordance with the Security Protection 2018:585 and SvK FS 2013:1 for safety class 3 or 2.

The check of public records is conducted by The Swedish Security Service and principally covers information stated in the Criminal Records (Act 1998:620), the Records of Suspected Persons (Act 1998:621) or the Police Data Act (Act 1998:622).

Instruction for Security Clearance

There are laws, rules and regulations which underline the responsibility for those who purchase services that they through Security Clearances secure the reliability of the contractor.

The Security Clearance must continuously be followed up during the period of assignment. Supervisors must, apart from supporting their employees, have a good personal knowledge and attain a view of the suitability of the employees. A suitable occasion is during the personal evaluation conversation which is conducted with the employees. This is to be conducted by the contractor who conducts a safety clearance of own personnel, which is accounted for on this collective certificate.

The Security Clearance must show:

  • That personal knowledge is based on information from reports, certificates and the like as well as references.
  • That the information from the job interview, among others about family status, education, earlier work, financial situation, side occupations, contacts, interests, drugs, prosecutions and verdicts as well as personal characteristics form the base for the personal knowledge.
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