Training requirements

Different types of training are required in order to be granted access to a Swedish nuclear power plant. This includes, among other things, basic training within Security and Safety, Radiation Protection in Practice and Clean Systems (FME – Foreign Material Exclusion).

The power plants Forsmark, OKG and Ringhals have jointly developed access training that are valid on all plants.

It is important that you are aware of the procedures to make sure that you and your staff have valid documents for access and training in order to start work on time.

The access training courses are the following:

Security and Safety training (SoS)

This training provides important information about such areas as work environment, alarms and preparedness, and physical protection, and it must be completed by everyone in order to gain access to the site. The training consists of several course modules, plant specific information for the respective plants, and a final test. The course is web based and takes about 90 minutes to complete.

This course must be completed prior to your arrival at Forsmark/OKG/Ringhals. After completing the training, a certificate must be printed. You must bring the certificate on your arrival at the plant, which together with the drug test, check of public records and the pre-registration make up the documents required in order to gain access/receive your ID key card.

Before taking the course Protection and Safety (and Clean System/FME if you will be working in the controlled area):

Please note that if you are not a Swedish citizen, a unique ID number has to be assigned to you. This ID number should then be used for pre-registration, registration of completed courses, and for registration of radiation dose. In order to get this ID number, please send us your full name, birth date (year, month, day), business and nationality in an email to the Dosimetry Group. Once you receive your unique ID number, you can take the following courses. ID numbers can be generated only during business hours Monday-Friday.

Security and Safety training

Please Note!

From May 2, 2016, a valid Security and Safety training will be a prerequisite for getting through security checks at OKG. Each access card will be linked to the date the employee last passed the Security and Safety training, and if the date is older than 3 years, or if registration of training is missing, the card will be blocked for access.

To cause as little disruption as possible, we ask you to check the validity of your Security and Safety training and if necessary update the training in the Nuclear power plant education portal.

Radiation protection in practice (SiP)

Compulsory training for all personnel who has access to controlled area. This training provides you with the required competence in order to be able to work in a safe and secure manner regarding radiation protection in the controlled area.

Radiation protection in practice – Basic training, takes about 8 hours to complete and is held on site at the plant. Since the number of places on the course is limited, you must reserve a place in advance. See contact information for reservation of places on courses and the training schedules below.

Radiation protection in practice – Re-training, consists of two parts; one webbased course (see link below) and a instructor-led workshop on site at the plant, in UBH. Since the number of places on the workshop is limited, you must reserve a place in advance. See contact information for reservation of places on courses and the training schedules below.

Radiation protection in practice – Re-training

Radiation Protection, §7 Basic training and re-training

This training is compulsory for contracted personnel with supervisory duties. The Basic training is held for 2.5 days, re-training 0,5 day, and should both be booked well in advance.

Booking via e-mail or telephone +46 72-708 30 72

Clean Systems Training

Training in Clean Systems (Foreign Material Exclusion, FME) is completed by all personnel with access to the controlled area. This training and the accompanying tests must be completed before arrival to the plant. Certification that the training is completed and passed is to be presented on arrival.

Clean Systems Training


Re-training of above trainings should be done within three years to remain valid. Re-training of Safety and Security and Clean Systems (FME), and the webbased part of Radiation Protection in Practice can be made here, the others is to be pre-booked – see Booking below.


For booking, or if you have any questions about these courses or the access provisions, please contact:

Training: E-mail or +46 72-708 30 72 (also in case of questions regarding access to the web based courses)
Access: E-mail or +46 76-762 41 05

Planned training

Radiation Protection in Practice - during normal operation three days a week, and during the outage periods 5 days a week. For current schedule and availability, please send us an e-mail.

Radiation Protection §7 - scheduled continuously during the spring For current scheduleand availability, please send us an e-mail


Compulsory Training

Course Target Group Re-training
Safety- and Security Information All personnel working at OKG. 3 years
Practical Radiation Protection All personnel with dosimeters. 3 years
Radiation Protection OKG-personnel and contractors' supervisors who possess dosimeters. 3 years
Clean Systems (FME) All personnel with dosimeters. 3 years
Access to operational premises All personnel with access to operational premises but who do not carry out work in the electrical part, for example those who carry out visual inspections or cleaning up. 3 years
ESA (Electrical Safety) Personnel who carry out connections and other work in the electrical building. 3 years
Hot Work Personnel performing work such as welding, cutting, soldering, grinding, warming and application with an open flame. 5 years
Accident Prevention Personnel with access to operational premises. 3 years
Hoisting Equipment Personnel working with or checking hoisting equipment. 5 years
Breathing Protection Complete Mask Operational, radiation protection and maintenance personnel with work tasks where breathing protection of the type complete mask is required. 3 years
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